Welcome to the University of Bristol Rugby Football Club Front Row Union  


The Front Row Union is a brilliant way for all the front row players across all teams in the club get to know one another, and bond as a collective. Every front row player in the club is encouraged to join!


With regular socials, including eating contests, all you can eat buffets and live rugby matches, props and hookers from Freshers to postgraduates get involved with off the field team building.


Get in touch with one of the    Co-Presidents Alex Chalklin or Gabriel O'Brien


For more information;



The FRU are now pleased to announce their new sponsors, Horts Bristol, a pub in the city centre that support the boys and offer their establishment as a venue for socials, providing complimentary food and drink.


Coombe Dingle Sports Complex

Coombe Ln, Bristol, BS9 2BJ

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